About Us

Who we are

The International Association for Mussar Vaadim is an alliance of several dozen mussar vaadim in cities throughout the world.  All vaadim are composed of Orthodox Jews who accept the Divinity of the Jewish written and oral traditions and submit to the authority of halacha and its carriers in every generation.  IOMV encourages Torah study, observance of Jewish law, and the refinement of character as demanded by Jewish tradition.

Participation in a Mussar Vaad, along with learning and practicing the Torah approach to middos development, is hard work. As with any endeavor, commitment is crucial to success. Registration is your commitment to: Endeavor to attend all Vaad meetings (exceptions will occur), do the readings, and practice your exercises. Vaad meetings are held 9 to 12 times per year for about 1 hour, with 15 to 35 minutes of daily at-home activities. There is an annual fee due at the start of / for each 12 month Vaad period, which is non-refundable and is not based on the number of classes held.  


Support the Foundation

The creation of mussar vaadim and availability of mussar wisdom depends on generous patrons.  If you value mussar and would like to be a part of making it accessible to this generation, click here for information about the International Foundation for Mussar Vaadim which supports mussar education worldwide.